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homepage holidayThe Home Exchange is an alternative way to take a holiday where two families agree to exchange homes.

 "You stay at my house while I am in yours."

The home exchange is a different and fun way to organize your vacations: exchange may affect the habitual residence or a second home, can be simultaneous or not (you come now, I will come later), it can provide hospitality (you come when I am in my home), it may involve the exchange of youth (I give  your son hospitality, you give mine hospitality or I offer you my house to exchange and then you host my son).

It is not necessary to have a dream home: a normal town house or in the countryside is interesting for those who want to know the customs and practices of other nations.

No matter where the house is or how big it is; the important thing is that it's ok for your partner in exchange. Exchanging your home means to reach destinations you would never have thought.

You will have the opportunity to visit fabulous places, often far from the traditional tourist routes. You will spend vacation in a warm house well equipped, not in a cold hotel room.

Home exchange is almost like to change your life for a short time, living in another house, sharing other hobbies, tasting other pleasures of life, usual for your partner but totally new for you.  For example, you could happen to have a car or a bicycle or a beautiful swimming pool, or their fishing rods, their golf clubs, etc.. Everything depends on the agreements, your kindness and their.

I started to exchange my home in 2007 and today I have done more than 20 exchanges, all of them being wonderful experiences. I met a lot of people and many of these are now new friends.

To find home exchange opportunities there are many internet sites that enable you to do research and to publish your availability. Some of these are free, others are subject to a fee.


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Usually We can move only during scholastic holidays. Anyway, our exchange can be non-simultaneous so We can fit  your needs.

Our main holiday time is August. Usually during this month We like to move to far destinations for 3 or 4 weeks.

Sometimes We can move far away during Christmas holiday, too.

At Easter holidays from April 25th (Italian holiday) till first days of May, We are interested in visiting some European city.

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